Sealand. From Pirate Radio to Pirate Bay in the North Sea.

Sealand at sunset
Sealand is a rather unique Far Flung Place. It is possibly the smallest nation in the world, (although, this is disputed, not least by the UK who still claim ownership), it does not accept tourists, and I have not been there, yet. However there are plans afoot to issue tourist visas later in 2015 and Sealand could become one of the more sought after remote and exotic places to travel to this year. You read it here first...

A place of convicts, pine trees and bee stings. Norfolk Island

Another tiny dot in the Pacific Ocean is Norfolk Island, 1670 Kilometres from Sydney and officially part of Australia, although mostly self governed. Geographically it is actually closer to Vanuatu than Australia. And it is small, with only just over 2000 people. All of which makes for a very expensive flight, it is cheaper to fly from Sydney to Indonesia or Japan than to Norfolk Island.