March 02, 2014

Non bread Samarkand style

I visited the Sarmarkand market early morning and caught one of the Non bread barrow boys delivering the freshly baked bread to a stall. They use what looks like a converted pram, to speed the fresh bread from tandoor oven to customer.

The Samarkand variety is a bit stodgy and I prefer the Tashkent Non, which is lighter and more like Turkish bread. Locally though it has its many fans, and the fresh bread sells out within minutes.

Breakfast was sorted, and I made my way to the railway station to get the train to Bukhara. The train was an old compartment, which I shared with a bunch of Russians. The Non Bread I had picket up at the market was passed around and quickly and gratefully consumed. It was still early in the morning and even I was  surprised to see Vodka being fished out of bags The Khyzl Kum desert flashed by accompanied to the sharing of food, vodka, and much laughing, despite my rather limited Russian, and my fellow passengers non existent English. The way all train journeys should be!

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