September 06, 2017

The Propaganda Posters of North Korea

We are just back from a trip to North Korea. What with missile testing on the one hand, and promises of "fire and fury" on the other it was, to put it mildly, an interesting time to visit. More entries on North Korea will be added here over time, although the priority is to write more detailed stories for the next Far Flung Places book coming out late 2017. In the meantime, here are a selection of propaganda posters from the country.

There can be little doubt as to whom the message is pointed at, for historical reasons Japan and the US are not considered in favourable terms. These posters can be found in kindergartens, schools and places of work, but not generally where tourists may see them.

There is no running commentary on each poster, I think they are pretty self-explanatory from the images and the titles, which are literal translations. A little bit of over use of the exclamation mark in our opinion, although the ! does certainly help to get the message across.

Interestingly enough these posters are, like the North Korean currency, illegal to export. For internal use only you might say. Enjoy this insight into what the citizens of the country are shown on a daily basis (double click to enlarge them)

Don't Act Rashly. We will remove the US off the earth!

Merciless Strike!

Black Gentlemen (The only one we do not totally understand based on the title)

Clubbing Wolves and Mad Dogs!

Death to the US Imperialists!

Dodging is impossible!

Illusions about the enemy and peace mean death!

Let us knock down the US imperialists at a stroke!

Let us take revenge upon the US Wolves a thousandfold!

The end of the aggressors!

The end of US imperialism!

The myth of the US is shattered to smithereens

The target of our strike!

We do whatever we say. We are persons of our word!

We will wipe out of the earth anyone who provokes us!

We will wipe out the US and Japanese aggressors by the arms of the military!

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