October 31, 2018

Cannibals, Cults & Corpses

A great new travel book published just in time for Christmas. A selection of travel stories from the more unusual parts of the globe that you can explore from the comfort of your armchair. These are places that you will never see advertised in a travel agent's window.

The stories will take you from standing at the edge of the burning 'Gates of Hell' in Turkmenistan, to riding a century old paddle steamer through the waterways of Bangladesh, taking part in the ancient Torajan ceremony of partying with their recently dug up ancestors in Sulawesi, and embarking on a trek to see the 'Big Four' of communist embalmed leaders from North Korea to Vietnam, amongst many others.
Here is a sample reading from a chapter entitled 'A Cargo Cult meets Kanye West'. On the remote Pacific Island of Tanna, in the Vanuatu archipelago, a group of Cargo Cult believers celebrate their most important day of the year. They believe that their messiah, John Frum, will return bringing cargo for all; Cars, boats, televisions, even bottles of Coca-Cola.

Don't just take our word for it. Here is a review from UK travel writer and ex-member of The Housemartins, Stan Cullimore.

"There are two main types of reader for travel books. The armchair travellers, who have decided that reading about adventures is a lot more fun than actually having them. And the travel researchers, who have got a few stamps in their passport already, but are looking for ideas of where to go next. 
Whichever one you are and whatever your reason for picking up this book, you’ve found the goose that lays the golden globes.
Most travel writers have the ability to bring a story to life with words, probably because it is, in fact, the main part of their job. Simon, however, goes one better, he has the knack for sniffing out superb stories to tell. Whether it is spending time with a cargo cult, going in search of dead leaders, or avoiding burglars in paradise, Simon seems to be a one-man magnet for near disasters with a side order of happiness thrown in to keep the crowds entertained.
So - what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a copy and get ready to enjoy."

Available in soft copy (kindle, epub) and paperback at selected bookshops, Stanford's Travel Bookshop in London's Covent Garden (in late November) for one, as well as the usual online retailers, click on the link to buy, or direct from the author if you prefer (contact me here):

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