Top 10 Things to do in Moldova

Moldova is one of Europe's hidden gems. An independent country since the break up of the Soviet Union, it has also been occupied and fought over by the Ottoman Empire, and Romania. The people are friendly, it has some great sights to see, and produces some wonderful, and very cheap, wine.

Driving drinking underground. Moldova

As a regular reader of this blog would know I am partial to the odd glass of wine. While in Moldova I heard of a winery with stocks of over 2 million bottles of wine stored in over 200 km (120 miles). The only way to see the wine is to actually drive through the cellars. 

Top 10 Things to do in Transnistria

Transnistria is one of the more unusual 'countries' in the world to travel to as it's existence is not recognised by any major country. It is well worth a visit, as it will give you a taste of a place that has not removed the traces of its Soviet history, unlike most of its neighbours.

Travelling to a country that does not exist. Transnistria

Well, it is not a virtual country that only exists in a game like Sim City, there is actual land and people there, but only Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabkh and South Ossetia actually recognise Transnistria as a bonafide country. And if you have not heard of those places either it is because they have also only very limited recognition in the world. Even Russia, which has several thousand troops based there, has yet to formally recognise it.

Top 10 Things to do in Pyongyang

Pyongyang may not be your typical 'weekend away' destination, but should you find yourself in the North Korean capital there are plenty of attractions and experiences to keep you busy. Since you are not free to travel around independently you will need to plan a schedule in advance for yourself, your guides and driver.

The DMZ. Looking into the South from North Korea

Maybe not surprisingly, the road south from Pyongyang to the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separating North and South Korea is one of the best in the country. It is well maintained and smooth, ideal for moving large numbers of troops and tanks quickly, if ever there was a need.

Pyongyang. Shopping, Communists and Beer.

Pyongyang is small city, easy to get around, and has very little traffic or pollution. An ideal place to wander the streets, look at local students marching in uniform and very much in step while having a look into the small shops dotted around. Except that you are not allowed to. Each group of tourists had a set of guides/minders and a driver and a set program which is hard to deviate from.